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Тоб додан & зарф барои Extruder

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Used for film extrusion blowing machine, pipe extruder, granulator making machine, profile extruder, sheet extruder, cable extrusion machine, printer filament extruder, foam board extrusion machine, etc.

  • Transportation: By Air, Sea, Express, Train, Truck
  • Шартҳои пардохт: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Document: Certificate, Transportation bill
  • Production time: 18 to 30 days
  • Detail Маҳсулоти

    Function of screw and barrel. Conveying, compaction, melting, mixing and extrusion plastic. All of these procedures are done through the rotation of the screw in the barrel.


    Application, Our single screw and barrel used for Film extrusion blowing machine, Pipe extrusion machine, Profile extrusion machine, Sheet extrusion machine, Plastic recycling machine, etc.


    Material of screw and barrel, screws and barrels made of 38CrMoAlA (JIS SACM645) steel are used for processing most kinds of plastic, like PP, PE, ABS, PS, PA, etc. 38CrMoAl is a high-grade nitriding steel, which has very good quality of wear resistance and fatigue strength. After nitriding, the hardness of screw and barrel is around 900-1000HV. We have a lot sizes of raw material in stock.


    Inspection.  Every screw and barrel will be inspected before delivery.



    Customsized service. We can offer customized screws and barrels for your demands.

    Design service. We can offer design service for increasing or decreasing the shot volume, improving the performance of mixing, improving the performance of plasticization, processing another kinds or plastic, or other purposes.

    Measurement service. We can offer measurement service globally.

    Package. Oiling screw and barrel, then covered with stretch film, packed in wooden case.


    Five Steps to place an order:
    Step 1. Inquiry.
    Send us diameter and length(or L/D ratio) of screw, outer diameter of barrel.
    For screw of Chinese injection machine, please send us the machine model and diameter of screw(We have a lot of drawings for screw of injection machine).
    If you have drawing or draft, please send us! That will save a lot of your time!
    Step 2. Quotation & Contract
    Our manager will send you a quotation.
    After confirming the quotation by you, we will send you invoice and contract for payment.
    Step 3. Drawing
    Our specialist will design drawings and send you for confirming.
    Drawings are made by Auto CAD.
    Step 4. Production
    Production time from 18 to 30 days, depend on complexity of screw and barrel.
    Step 5. Inspection & Delivery
    After production we will check the hardness and sizes, send you photoes of screw and barrel.
    With rich experiences in shipment we can offer the best delivery plan for you.


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