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Zhoushan HinaMach Co.,Ltd located in Zhoushan city, China(280 km from Shanghai, 100 km from Ningbo), which is called capital of screw.We have been dedicated in designing and manufacturing screws and barrels for injection molding machines and extruders for over 30 years! We can manufacture almost all kinds of screws and barrels!
World Center  
Screws manufacturing center of the world is located in our city Zhoushan(China).
Around 70% screws and barrels of the world are manufactured in China, and 70% of Chinese screws and barrels are manufactured in Zhoushan city.
Extensive experience and a long period for the production of screws and barrels allow us to provide reliable quality in the shortest time.
Nowadays annual production capacity of our factory is more than 1000 screws and barrels.
Numbers of HinaMach
5000 m2 – modern factory and office
12 steps - 12 steps for manufacturing every screw(except special screw): Blanking – Tempering treatment(72 hours) – Rough turning – Finishing turning – Milling thread – Polishing thread – Grinding screw – Nitriding treatment(120 hours) – Straightening treatment – Final polishing – Final grinding – Detecting
30 years - We have been dedicated in designing and manufacturing screws and barrels for injection molding machines and extruders for over 30 years
Our Production   HinaMach - a modern company with high-tech production line and skilled workers.
The company's specialists perfectly master all the subtleties and nuances of designing, production and fixing of screws and barrels for extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines and granulators.
Each screw is designed individually according to the requirements of customer, the processing material and the operating conditions. 
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People of HinaMach have:
■ Comfortable working environment and all necessary conditions for efficiently working
■ Perfect working atmosphere
■ Highly professional level to provide you the best technical solution
■ Rich experience to offer the best delivery plan for you
■ Periodically trainings
Many of our specialists periodically receive professional trainings, and now they are successfully working in our company.
Our Achievement
With the unremitting efforts of all our staff, we are widely recognized by customers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia, America, European countries, South American, South Asia, Southeast Asia, etc.
HinaMach will continue to manufacture the best screw and barrel and offer the top quality service to our customer!
Our Principles  
The basic principles of our work – the highest quality and best services. HinaMach aims to be the most reliable and profitable partner. High quality and best price make HinaMach different from other manufacturers.
6 Steps to Cooperate With HinaMach
Step 1: Contact us.
Step 2: Tell us the parameters of your screw.
Step 3: Visit our company before ordering.
Step 4: Order.
Step 5: Monitoring production and quality before shipment.
Step 6: Export - transport.
Experienced managers in company HinaMach will help you complete deal from the beginning to the end!
HinaMach is looking forward to cooperation to you!
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