Where is HinaScrew?
Our company located in Zhoushan city, China, which is close to Shanghai and Ningbo, 280 km from Shanghai, 100 km from Ningbo. If you plan to visit our factory, we are ready to pick you up at Ningbo or Shanghai.

Why screw and barrel of HinaScrew are inexpensive, compare with others suppliers?
Around 70% screws and barrels of the world are manufactured in China, and 70% of Chinese screws and barrels are manufactured in our city. Extensive experience and scale of production allow us to get reliable raw materials at a low price in the shortest time, so that we can provide inexpensive screw and barrel with reliable quality and shortest delivery time. Moreover, factory direct also ensure that our price is competitive!

How to confirm that the quality of screw and barrel from Hina are reliable?
Steel: We always purchase steel from reliable steel plant, which has worked with us for many years.
Technological process: Blanking – Tempering treatment(72 hours) – Rough turning – Semi finishing turning – Milling thread – Polishing thread – Grinding screw –Nitrding treatment(120 hours) – Straightening treatment – Final polishing – Final Grinding – Detecting – Packaging – Delivery. Every screw and barrel from Hina has passed through this technological process(except special screw and barrel).
Experience: we have been dedicated in designing and manufacturing screws and barrels for over 30 years, such long period for the production of screws and barrels allow us to provide reliable quality!

How to confirm that the screw and barrel from Hina are suited for our machine?
We have a large drawing base, in 30 years of manufacturing screws and barrels we have collected a lot of drawings for machines of Haitian, BEX, KMD, CMT, AMUT, Weber, ChenHsong, ChenDe, Tedric, JSW, ect.
Engineer of Hina also is ready to make drawing for you.
Before manufacturing we will confirm drawing and all technical details with you!

How does HinaScrew package the screw and barrel?
We use Polywood case for packaging, before packaging rust preventing oil and wrap protective film.

Can I order just one screw or barrel?
Yes, you can!

We didn’t work with Chinese factory before, don’t know how to purchase goods from China.
We have worked with foreign customers for many years, experienced managers in company HinaScrew will help you complete deal from the beginning to the end!

What kind of steel are screw and barrel of Hina made from?
Normal screw and barrel of Hina are made from 38CrMoAla, for special processing plastic like PA, PC with above 30%GF, we recommend screw and barrel made from SKD61, DC53, SKH55(YXM4), EFZD ,GH113. According to your processing plastic our Engineer will provide you the best proposal!

Could HinaScrew supply others Accessories for Injection Machine or Extruder? For example heater, gearbox, die-head, screen changer?
Sure, we can supply others accessories for Injection Machine or Extruder, many years in area of plastics machinery allow us to get a lot of reliable suppliers, which have worked with us for many years!

How to contact with HinaScrew?
You can send us Email, call us, or just inquiry on the website, See the contact information on the page of “Contact Us”!

Please feel free to contact with us!

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